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The French Beret

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The one and only fall accessoire: the Beret Hi my loves, if you are thinking about only to buy one single accessoire this fall it has to be a beret, this is my advise. You might have seen on Instagram that I am currently wearing a beret all day long every day. They are not just super stylish they also give every look this very special elegant French touch. And to be honest: we all would like to be one of those nonchalant Parisians, right? Just think about Caroline de Maigret. The French know it best and they definitely know how to give your outfit this special twist and noblesse. When it comes to fall it is the one-to-go thing you should always consider. Timeless and classy. And there are a lot of different…

20. October 2017

Roadtrip w/ Jaguar

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A roadtrip down to the South of France w/ Jaguar Hi my loves, ever since I am a huge fan of roadtrips. When I was a little kid I loved sitting in the car and watches the scenery go by. If you have asked me I could go for a roadtrip with my parents every weekend. And actually nothing changed till now, quite the opposite it is even stronger. I love the nostalgia in the air, especially now during fall, and this undescribable longing which is not easy to describe at all and even more difficult to catch. It seems like almost everything is possible, the broad horizon in front. No wonder that I did not needed much time to decide when Jaguar Deutschland asked me to make a roadtrip down to the South…

13. October 2017