- Author: Monique -

# Coat Love #


As you may know I am totally addicted to coats. This winter I have bought so many, shame on me. If it will continue I might have to go to the therapist. Well I have to think about it at least. ;) Now I have one in every colour, every size and for every occasion. But a coat ennobles every outfit within a second. A coat turns a simple outfit into a special one. A coat creates a look. They always give a great touch of elegance. It is the first thing you see in winter and they say: the first impression counts. Put on the right coat and the world is yours! So I am ready for anything now! This winter I really like coats in every shade of grey as well as…

1. February 2015

# Simple but delicious #

"Fitness & Food"

Hi everyone! Sometimes you do not want to cook big things and invest a lot of time, just prepare something quick and simple. Well this is what this salad is all about. We love to eat salads and we almost eat it every day. There are so many variations so it is not boring at all. You can mix it with nearly everything. For this salad you need:For 2 portionsa handful corn salad4 little fresh tomatoesa little bit of cucumbera half of a yellow pepper125g of sheep's milk cheesesome cashew nuts6 little sour pickled green asparagus4 green pepperonis and black olivesDressingjust olive oil and balsamico in a mix with balsamico creamAt the end just spice it with salt and pepper and if you like some fresh herbs. That's all!Enjoy it and have a nice…

30. January 2015