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Sparkling Bracelets – Niessing Colette

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Shine shine bright with Niessing Colette Hi my loves, I hope you had an amazing weekend and you could already get into that Christmas mood. Step by step of course. Appropriate I would like to talk about some very special jewelry pieces. In one of my last posts I already showed you the new Mirage earrings by Niessing. Today it is all about Niessing Colette. If you already know the jewels of Niessing you might also know that they have a so-called "Niessing line". It is a very good way to transform e.g. a single earring into a statment necklace. Just like you want it. You can easily decide every day and totally individual what you are going for. Here you can see that the Niessing line is used to create a fabulous arm…

26. November 2017

Niessing Mirage

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A fascinating play with illusions - Niessing Mirage Hi my loves, some time ago I already showed you the beautiful Niessing ring. Today it is time for another fascinating piece of jewel. When you are following me on Instagram you could already seen these amazing earrings several times. The new MIRAGE earrings are not only pretty there are even more so unique in its nature and form! For this reason I wanted to shoot these earrings in a very special unique location. As you might have seen my choice fell on the Southern French Cassis. There couldn't be a better one! I have actually dreamed a long time to finally visit this magical place. And what should I say? I was not disappointed at all. Cassis is full of magic, savoir-vivre and French vitality!…

31. October 2017