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Inselloft Norderney

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A modern hideaway in Norderney - Inselloft *Advertorial Hi my loves, not many of us really remeber Norderney in the North Sea as some kind of hipster hotspot or the place to be. Never ever. I can truly remember those days when I was on the island as a little kid. So I always thought this tiny island is only made for children and retirees. But then suddenly we discovered the Inselloft Norderney. And everything changed immediately. But let's start from the beginning. The Hotel The Inselloft is located very central in Norderney, right next to the beach. For this reason almost every room has a fantastic sea view. This is really worth a mint! I enjoyed the view every morning cuddled in my bathrobe, not willing to get away, just breathing and enjoying every…

9. August 2017

A houseboat in Amsterdam

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Feeling like a local on a houseboat in Amsterdam Hi my loves, you might have been in Amsterdam for several times. You might have seen a lot of interesting things and you might also lived in very cool flats or visited one of the extraordinary cafés but you probably never lived on a real houseboot. Right in the middle of Amsterdam? Something unforgetable! It really is. It is so unique, original and authentic. You just feel like a local. At the beginning I was a little bit concerned about getting some seasickness but these worries turned out to be unfounded in the end. I was able to enjoy our whole stay to the fullest! The houseboat The boat is situated right in the middle of Amsterdam, the street is called Oudeschans. When you are…

18. June 2017