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Hotel Bachmair Weissach

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Travel Review - Bachmair Weissach Hi my loves, if you follow me on Instagram you have already seen that we went on a little winter trip together with Jaguar last December. Our first stop was the very romantic Lake Tegernsee, down in the South of Bavaria, Germany. We stayed at the super stylish and charming Bachmair Weissach Hotel. One of my highlights was definitely the new Mizu Onsen SPA. But let's start at the beginning. The Hotel A mix between tradition and modern art paired with some rustic charme and a lot of Bavarian warmth. Yes, this is exactly how I would describe the hotel and its atmosphere. You can find this special comfort in the whole complex. A huge chandelier is the best welcome as well as a very stylish fireplace. If you…

11. January 2018

Roadtrip w/ Jaguar

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A roadtrip down to the South of France w/ Jaguar Hi my loves, ever since I am a huge fan of roadtrips. When I was a little kid I loved sitting in the car and watches the scenery go by. If you have asked me I could go for a roadtrip with my parents every weekend. And actually nothing changed till now, quite the opposite it is even stronger. I love the nostalgia in the air, especially now during fall, and this undescribable longing which is not easy to describe at all and even more difficult to catch. It seems like almost everything is possible, the broad horizon in front. No wonder that I did not needed much time to decide when Jaguar Deutschland asked me to make a roadtrip down to the South…

13. October 2017