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Our visit at the Niessing manufacture

Hi my loves,

some days ago we visited a small city called Vreden. Vreden? Well, yes it is a city in North Rhine Westphalia near the border to the Netherlands where the Niessing manufacture is located. You would never thought, right?

Today it is all about fast consuming living in an even faster environment with things available 24/7. But some things do certainly need some time to become as good as they are. For example a Niessing jewel.

Within the manufacture everything is done by hand. A product comes to live whenever there is an order. There is no warehouse where you can just grab the jewels. Every product is unique and made with lots of love by people who are working there since many many years.

This is indeed a rarity in a time where we need to be faster and faster.

*in lovely collaboration with Niessing

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