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Hi my loves,

I hope you had a great weekend so far! Mine was really relaxing because I took some quality time with Spa and Wellness at home. Something I honestly do not too often. During our hectic daily business we usually forget to care about ourselves. But the body still tells you when it needs a break. Having some offtime is the most precious thing in our lives recently. It is good for our body and even more important for our mind.

For this reason I need my “Me-time” at least once a month. Even though if it is only for a few hours. It is so important! On these days I also take my time for caring about my hair especially. I have to admit that I ignore it most of the times and I truly think: “My hair is ok” but the truth is: it isn’t. It really needs a portion of extra care.

To give them the extra care they need I usually use the the products of Moroccanoil. I am a huge fan of these products since years now and I am truly addicted to the oil treatment. I have very fine hair so I prefer the light version. It is simply the best for a leight-weight but caring feeling. I take just a little bit, like the size of a hazelnut, and spread it all over my hair but mostly into the ends. This is the extra care step I love to include before washing my hair.

Before washing my hair I also use the scalp treatment for a greasy scalp. This is something I can only recommend! Especially when you are fighting with thin ends and a greasy scalp like I do. It is the perfect solution!

The concentrated formula blends antioxidant-rich argan oil and essential ginger oil to help correct imbalances and soothe inflammation of the hair follicle, which manages oil production. For me it is just a miracle!

Afterwards I wash my hair with the extra volume shampoo. After that I usually use the appropriate conditioner or I take a extra sip of mask for ultimate care and hydration. Preferably I use the intense hydrating mask. It gives the extra moisture kick to my hair.

At the end after drying and styling my hair I love to use the the Glimmer Shine Spray for the finish. It makes my hair shine bright and it is also the perfect protection with argan oil, vitamins and antioxidants against sun, salted and chlorinated water. A must-have for your vacation!

Of course not everybody has to fight with fine hair just like me. But the good thing is that there is a perfect product range for every hairtype. Curly, wavy, thick or a thing inbetween. You will find exactly what your hair needs!

Do you already know the products of Moroccanoil? How does your daily or weekly hair care routine look like? And do you also treat yourself with ome “off-times”?

Please let me know and have a great evening,

Monique xx

*in lovely collaboration with Moroccanoil + Sechehaye PR


  • Reply Tomasino Tuesday July 11th, 2017 at 11:26 AM

    Liebe Monique! Dein Haus- & Haarwellness sieht sehr entspannt aus. Das stilvolle und romantische Schlossambiente trägt sicherlich auch dazu bei :). Sehr schön. LG Tomasino

    • Reply Monique Saturday July 15th, 2017 at 01:38 PM

      Danke lieber Tomasino ♥ Ich wünsche dir ein tolles Wochenende,

      Liebe Grüße

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