Popeline Top│Gucci Blooms Pumps

Oh Gucci oh Gucci – a special lovestory just begun

I am so in la-la-la love

Hi my loves,

well what should I say? I am completely in love with the current Gucci collection. Normally I do not attend any hypes. Ok, normally. Some trend pieces do not even touch my heart, for example those colourful pom-poms. I can’t handle them, I don’t know why. Many of you may think of holidays when they see pom-poms but I only have to think about being part of a circus.

Anyway, never mind. Today it ia again all about Gucci. It is my favourite so far. So lately I was so lucky not only getting the fabulous Gucci Blooms Pumps, I also catched the little Blooms Bamboo bag Yippie 🙂 Such a lucky girl! The items were sold out within days. It is the same with Gucci every time. You really have to quick, really, really quick!

The account is overdrown? Oh well…f… off you even got some Gucci pieces. When it comes to fashion it has nothing to do with logical thinking. Ok but don’t worry it is not so bad at all. I could pay my dues and we have enough to eat 🙂 it is just the result of hard work and we need to make ourselves a gift from time to time We only live once, right?

So I have combined these lovely pair of shoes with a cute popeline top from Zara. The low-necked backpart is something really special and it is also quite different inbetween all those Off Shoulder Mainstream looks. I am also wearing a white jeans culotte and my beloved Nerdy Nerd glasses. These glasses were one of my best boughts so far. I just adore them. And even if they look like the original they are from the most famous High-Street Label. The kings of runway imitates!

To keep my look individual I choosed to take a little silk scarf and put it around my wrist. Et voilà, my Outfit of the day!

What do you think about this style? Do you also admire any designer? I am so curious about your opinion!

Have a great Sunday,



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Pumps: Gucci Blooms (here) or (here)

Culotte: COS, similar (here)

Glasses: Zara, similar (here)

Popeline Top: Zara, similar (here) or (here)

Scarf: H&M Premium, similar (here, here or here)


Fashion_Outfit_Popeline_Top_Gucci_Blooms_Pumps_MOD - by Monique-9
Fashion_Outfit_Popeline_Top_Gucci_Blooms_Pumps_MOD - by Monique-17_1
Fashion_Outfit_Popeline_Top_Gucci_Blooms_Pumps_MOD - by Monique-3
Fashion_Outfit_Popeline_Top_Gucci_Blooms_Pumps_MOD - by Monique-8 Fashion_Outfit_Popeline_Top_Gucci_Blooms_Pumps_MOD - by Monique-10
Fashion_Outfit_Popeline_Top_Gucci_Blooms_Pumps_MOD - by Monique-6
Fashion_Outfit_Popeline_Top_Gucci_Blooms_Pumps_MOD - by Monique-14
Fashion_Outfit_Popeline_Top_Gucci_Blooms_Pumps_MOD - by Monique-13-pix


  • Reply Christine Sunday July 10th, 2016 at 12:22 PM

    Sehr geniales Outfit ♥ Bin ein absoluter Fan deiner Pumps und der Culotte!

    LIebe Grüße


    • Reply Monique Monday July 11th, 2016 at 01:16 PM

      Vielen, vielen Dank liebe Christine ♥♥♥ die Pumps sind wirklich fantastisch, ich kann sie nur empfehlen!

      Ich wünsche dir einen super Wochenstart,

      liebe Grüße
      Monique xx

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