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The White Suit: Best Office Look for Summer

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Nothing can go wrong with a White Suit Hi my loves, we certainly all know the following situation: standing in front of the closet on Monday morning and not having anything to wear. The ongoing "I-do-not-have-a-single-piece-to-wear" struggle we all know. And we all do not need it at all, especially on a Monday morning when being in a rush. For this reason it is always helpful to have some kind of "uniform" to be prepared. It might be a beautiful dress, a perfect pencil skirt or a White Suit. Peronally for me there is nothing better than some kind of elegant suit. Especially during summer months I love to wear bright and shiny colours. Something which brings me in the mood immediately. And you can never ever go wrong with a White Suit! The best…

29. July 2017

White and checked


How to look elegant in white and checked Hi my loves, I hope you had wonderful Easter holidays and some time to relax! We are also at home currently to work on some upcoming projects and organize some stuff. As already mentioned on Instagram there will be a change of design coming up. I am so curious what you will think about it! AndI hope that everything will go well of course. But before I wanted to show you a last streetstyle. In my last post I was wearing an all-white look by Allude, this time I added a grey checked blazer for a pop of colour. I am wearing the pointed slingbacks nearly daily now. Ok, only if the weather is good enough. At the moment my toes would probably freeze off. Anyhow…

20. April 2017