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Bucket List Week #1


Editor's Pick - Bucket List Week # 1 Hi my loves, it is a new year so it is also time for a new category. Beside my personal new ins' I would also like to show you my fave pieces every week. There are so many shops and so many items. So I will go and do some pre-work by picking out the best must-haves. :) I recently took a look at Mango, mytheresa, Asos, @otherstories and Net-A-Porter. You can certainly say that I have a big thing for volants. I just discovered this gorgeous and super sweet sweater @otherstories. And I also felt in love with this adorable skirt. Well and I am also a little bit into Saint Laurent bags. Now I saw this baby. What do you think about it? But…

3. January 2017

Last summer vibes│Striped Culottes


Catching the summer feeling with culottes Hi my loves, well fall was coming just too quick, right? We just got used to those warm and pleasant temperatures and then suddenly: hello fall, goodbye summer! We are now forced to get out our first turtleneck sweaters. I am not really ready even though I showed you the first coat style with my last look. But what should we do? Nevertheless today I am showing you my last summer look to at least extend the summer thouhgts a little bit. There is always summer somewhere, right? You may know that I am one of the biggest culottes fans on earth. I have showed so many variations how to wear them e.g. here or also here. I don't why so many editors do not like them. You…

7. October 2016