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The Niessing Necklace

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Please let me introduce the Niessing Necklace - Spitzbogenkette Hi my loves, I hope you are not too stressed out because Christmas is just around the corner. But isn't it the same procedure every year? We are spending time thinking about so many things we need to do before Christmas and when it is finally here we feel some kind of exhausted and without energy. But this is something we can avoid obviously. The Strength is to be found in serenity. This is something we all heard about 1000 times and it might sound really stalely but this is actually one of the things I have learnt this year. But this is something we should talk about in a different context. Today it is all about the beautiful Niessing Necklace, the ogive necklace. We…

17. December 2017

Mini Chloé Faye

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Meet the tiny one - Mini Chloé Faye Hi my loves, I think almost everybody has even talked at least once about the Chloé Faye. It is the most popular bag from Chloé, no doubt. There was a time when I could not see the classic one anymore because every Streetstyle Star was wearing it again and again. But things have changed. Now I am also flirting with a classic Faye. But it is a very special colour indeed, a colour made for me actually. But I will tell you more very soon. I recently lost my heart and felt in love with this tiny one. As you can see I choosed to go for a very neutral colour. The good thing about neutral colours is that you can easily wear them to every…

12. November 2017