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Chloé Jane Bag│Vichy Print


Oh hello Jane - meet my new Chloé bag Hi my loves, well yes I have to admit I am a f...... victim of the fashion industry. They got me, always and forever. I cannot do anything. Just ask my hubby. He might like to throw all of my clothes right outside the window from time to time. But he will never every try, he is too scared ;) it is certainly not easy sharing live with a fashion victim. Nethertheless I catched this wonderful sweet and tiny Chloé Jane Bag when Net-A-Porter shouted out for their last sale promotions. I had an eye on this cute little thing since weeks and finally got it! Yeah, lucky me! I am so in love with this bag! The coloured fringes make it something special. Admitted it…

31. July 2016

Vetements vs. Zara


The big battle just begun - Vetements vs. Zara Hi my loves, I have just talked about Vetements which is extremely hyped at the moment. And now one of the biggest Fast Fashion companies in the world wird launched their new Autumn/Winter Collection. Well, do you see any difference? Zara is the big player when it comes to adopt big runway trends. And we all have to say: Zara is really good at it! The new items will be sold out immediately, without any bet. So the younger TRF collection has beend developed with a great result. When I was searching through TRF some weeks ago I could hardly find any good pieces. They were just too crazy or too young or even bad quality. But now I can say that I will also…

27. July 2016