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The White Dress


Beside a cashmere dress you definitely need a white dress Hi my loves, I hope you all enjoy the start of summer here in Germany! Finally the sun is out and we can go out and have some fun. How long have we been waiting for this! My week was not the best acutally due to some health problems but no matter what there is just one thing that makes me happy, always. New clothes of course! Beside a cashmere dress every woman should own a white dress. It is one of the essentials and this is what this post is all about. It is so simple but also so effective. There is nothing more easy then taking a white dress and getting a super glow within seconds. It is elegant, timeless and chic.…

28. May 2017

Escada White Bag

"Looks, "

Finally found the perfect white bag by Escada Hi my loves, we finally got two premiers today: my new temporary design is online and I can show you the first look we shooted in Spain! As already teasered on Instagram I am so in love with my new white bag by Escada. I wear it nearly daily, especially here in Marbella. But let's start at the beginning. When I was little we actually went to Andalusia several times and I just loved it! I can still remember these happy days and this is certainly one of the reasons why I fell in love with these region again. Or to say it in other words: the love has never gone, it was always there and it is now growing again! To be honest I am…

14. May 2017