Winter Skincare w/ Clarins

Treat your winter skin with the best products from Clarins

Hi my loves,

Christmas is coming, only 2 days left, halleluja! The last weeks were crazy as hell and now we are all done. But inbetween all this hustle and bustle we should not stop thinking about ourselves. For this reason I want to share a very special care routine with you. My personal spa and wellness treatments. I know that it is not easy to take the time for a “Me-time”. But it is something so important. Not even for our body but also for our soul to get everything in a harmonious and healthy balance. It is the key to happiness! Due to this I even try to take a “Me-time” once a month. Extensive beauty and body treatments with all the trimmings are a must! Therefore I love to use the the products from Clarins.

When I do have the time I also love to visit a Spa or a Sauna to switch off for a whole day. I have to admit that it is something I should really do more often because afterwards I feel like a newborn. Sometimes it feels so good to do nothing, just nothing, and let your thoughts run free. I also try to avoid any technical devices during this time and this is a part I have to struggle with very often. Surely I want to keep you updated but I also need to learn that there are some personal hours as well. Just close my eyes, even if it is only for some minutes.

If I do a whole Spa day I love to pamper my skin as much as I can. Since many many years I am a huge fan of Clarins. The French traditional cosmetic brand has to offer so so many beautiful products, so it is no wonder that I have got a looot of favorites. Today I want to introduce a few. Let’s start with one thing I cannot live without:  the lip treatment “Baume Réparateur” This is a lip care I use all year long. Winter and summer. There is nothing better for my lips. You will find one right next to my bed, in my handbag and even on my desk.

Another highlight is  Clarins Bestseller “Body Fit”. Like every woman I also have to fight with some  little problem areas and I am thankful for every little helper, believe me. The “Body Fit” Special Care is supporting me with some different ingredients just like quince leaf extract, water mint, sunflower and celosia for former skin and a more slender figure.

Whenever I decided to go for a Spa day I decide to do a bit more for my skin routine. One thing I always do is some Multi-Masking. Multi – what? Well Multi-Masking is so simple: using different masks for different parts of my face. Every zone has its own problems and needs. One mask is not enough to cover all needs. So I use the “SOS Pure” mask for my t-zone because this is the part of my face where I experience the most impurities. For my cheeks and eye area I use the “SOS Hydra” mask because this reagion needs some extra moisture.

After a long day at the Spa and to finish my beauty routine I usually use the new “Double Serum” and some extra care for my neck. This is a region we forget very often but it is also a part of our body where you can see the signs of aging at first sight. So do never forget to take care about your neck! At the end I also love to use the eyebrow-kit “Sourcils Pro”.

As you might see I could talk hours and hours about my fave products from Clarins. This will be continued very soon. But for today I want to send you into the long-awaited Christmas Holidays! So lovelies have a Merry Merry Christmas with your beloved ones! Enjoy your holidays ♥♥♥

Monique xx

*in lovely collaboration with Clarins

**Photo Locations: Bachmair Weissach Minzu Onsen SPA + Hotel Egerner Höfe


  • Reply Imran Sunday December 24th, 2017 at 06:46 PM

    toller Post! Die Produkte von Clarins kannte ich bisher noch nicht!

    ..bei mir läuft aktuell noch ein Gewinnspiel. Zu gewinnen gibt es ein großes Set von Burt’s Bees. Würde mich freuen, wenn du mitmachen würdest! 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

    • Reply Monique Monday January 1st, 2018 at 01:19 PM

      Liebe Imran,

      vielen Dank! Ich kann die Produkte von Clarins wirklich nur empfehlen und da gibt es noch eine Menge mehr! Bald stelle ich auch noch die anderen vor.

      Ich wünsche dir ein frohes neues Jahr und alles Liebe,
      Monique xx

  • Reply Tomasino Monday January 1st, 2018 at 07:56 PM

    Liebe Monuque, erneut eine tolle Fotostrecke und die Produkte sind einfach Weltklasse. Super! Werde sicherlich einige ausprobieren. LG Tomasino

    • Reply Monique Monday January 1st, 2018 at 08:23 PM

      Ein frohes neues Jahr und vielen Dank für den lieben Kommentar!

      Die Produkte sind wirklich bezaubernd!

      Viele liebe Grüße
      Monique xx

  • Reply Hotel Bachmair Weissach Thursday January 11th, 2018 at 09:22 AM

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