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Acqua di Parma│Peonia Nobile

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Feeling the Italian Way of Life w/ Acqua di Parma Lemon trees, Olive groves, Gelato and a lot of Dolce Vita. When I hear the name Acqua di Parma I am immediately beamed to a lush coast on Sardinia. I have lost my heart to Italy many years ago. Or say it in other words: I am into this country from head to toes. It might has something to do with my romantic point of view or with the beautiful gentlemen? Just kidding. Sometimes I even wish I  would have such a little bit of the Italian soul. But ok I am also pretty good in having Diva moments...;) Anyway Italy is enjoyment pure ever since. And Acqua di Parma represents this feeling perfectly. Not for nothing they call it the "Essence of Italien…

27. August 2017

Everyday Hair Essential: Halier Hairvity

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Meet some of my Everyday Hair Essentials - Halier Hairvity *Advertorial Hi my loves, I hope you have had a wonderful summer week! The weather is so great at the moment, we are all enjoying it to the fullest, right? In my opinion it could stay like this for the next couple of weeks or let's say forever! I am a kid of summer, no doubt, even though I also love fall. But currently I just can't get enough of the heat. Do you feel the same? As you might have seen on Instagram, we travelled to Norderney this week. A spontaneous trip with a lot of fun. Even while traveling I need to have my favourite beauty essentials around. For example my new haicare products from Halier. Why? I will tell you now.…

23. July 2017