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Tulle and Rosa Blumarine

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A tulle dream with Rosa Blumarine Hi my loves, there are some things which are so precious that you will probably touch it as timid as possible. Either because it is so fragile or just too beautiful. This is the exact feeling I felt when I first say this amazing bottle of Rosa Blumarine. A masterpiece and work of art! So precious! Everyone who knows me also knows that I am a big fan of roses. I do not only love rose prints I do also love all kind of rose scents. I could wear it from head to toe or say it in other words: falling into it from head to toe. So flowery and refreshing! Exactly what Blumarine created with the perfume. A journey into English gardens or to Capri with a…

25. June 2017

Everyday wavy hair

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My everyday wavy hair look Hi my loves, while I am writing these words I am finally on my way to sunny Spain! Hell yes! We actually did it and booked our flights, I just can't wait to see the sun but before I will show you some amazing projects coming up I wanted to share this beauty post with you. This time it is all about my hairstyling! As you may have noticed my hair is really fine and thin. So actually I am not a big fan of big hairstylings. Especially because the whole thing just lasts 2 hours. After that you will see no difference as before. Ok, for some bigger events I also prefer a hairdo but of course by someone who really knows how to do it. But to…

11. May 2017