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Fave hair products in November

"Beauty, "

Meet my five faves - favorite hair products this month Hi my loves, long time I have not talked about my hair routine. Even though it is an issue women could talk about all day long, right? We are never really satisfied. I guess if you would ever ask a hairdresser he or she could probably fill books with thousands of stories. Sometimes we like them to be curly, the other day very sleek, then short, long, they are too thin or too thick. Whatever there are millions of issues! Because of that we need to take care about our hair as good as possible. Yes, unfortunately I have to admit that I am not the best idol when it comes to haircare. As already mentioned in my latest blogpost about my Moroccan Oil…

19. November 2017

My experience at Aestheso Münster


Aestheso Münster - a place where magic happens Hi my loves, some weeks ago I decided to visit the Aestheso Clinic in Münster. Aestheso offers a lot of Medical Beauty treatments at the highest level. I have heard a lot of good things before and I was so excited! Dr. med. Nadine Peukert and her colleagues are experts when it comes to wrinkle and laser treatements as well as any kind of medical cosmetic treaments. They are also experts in the brandnew CoolSculpting thing. As I recently got one year older, I told you before, it was some kind of a milestone personally for me and for this reason this was a birthday present from me to me. But before there will be a big outcry about cosmetic surgeries I would like to clarify…

5. November 2017